Henna Powder


Henna Powder




BOTANICAL NAME: Lawsonia Inermis


  1. Henna is a great conditioner for your hair. It adds shine and volume to it, and also shields it from further damage by forming a coating on it.
  2. Henna helps maintain the natural acid-alkaline balance on your scalp and cleanses it of dirt without altering the natural balance unlike chemical-based products.
  3. Promotes hair growth
  4. Reduceshairfall, dandruff and other scalp problems.
  5. Extensively used for colouring your hair as it does not have any side effects and gives a deep colour with a reddish tinge.
  6. Henna also prevents your hair from greying and thinning making them healthy and lustrous.

Product Description:

Henna, popularly known as Mehendi , is a natural dye used for colouring hair as well as used for temporary skin decoration during festive occasions across the Indian subcontinent from hundreds of years. It is a symbol of modern fashion replacing many chemical dyes lately. Usage of Henna for colouring hair has been used from many decades, as ancients kings, queens would mix it up with some powerful herbs to colour their hair. Apart from its salient use of hair colouring, Henna also helps prevent dandruff and scalp irritation as it has a cooling effect.

Additional information

Weight 100 g
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