KMA Exports are the Fourth
Generation manufacturer of
Natural Indigo leaves powder.

We produce around 500MT per year. The production involves several stages in the manufacturing process like harvesting the Indigo plant, drying the plant in the cemented yard, cleaning the Indigo dry leaves, pulverizing the leaves and sieving the powder to get a very fine Natural Indigo leaves powder.



KMA EXPORTS , is a natural indigo powder manufacturing company located in the southern part of India. Earlier KMA Exports excelled in the manufacturing of natural dyes. The idea of manufacturing natural dyes culminated in the era of the British Raj in India under their pioneership. Thereafter, they left but the idea stayed and grew on J.Manickam, founder of KMA Exports. The art of processing and manufacturing natural dyes especially indigo, formerly known as Blue Gold, was done with finesse and passed on to the next two generations. Today, the company continues to move forward under the guidance and leadership of his son, Mr. M.Anbazhagan and grandson Mr.A.Balachander.

Mr. Anbazhagan, son of Mr. Manickam took over the business in 1982, officially named the company KMA Exports and exported for the first time in 2001.

Mr. Anbazhagan , who very well understands the nature of the plant and relates to it, identified the hair colouring capability in it. He conducted various small experiments to identify the most efficient method to process the plant to get the final product Indigo dry leaves powder for hair dye. This hair dye can be used with henna to get different colour shades of brown and black.

Mr.Anbazhagan’s son, Mr. Balachander heads the marketing and manages production alongside him. KMA Exports employs state of the art technology throughout its production and processing to ensure maximum product output and keeps the basic motto of making hundred percent natural products of supreme quality on. Today, our hair dye product lines are sold in and abroad in both retail and bulk formats.

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